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Welcome to CY Fitness

Because we believe exercise should be enjoyable we hope to offer you the opportunity to try new and interesting classes!

NO MEMBERSHIP FEES! Casual classes and package deals to suit your needs!

Read below for prices, timetables and what to wear....


  • XTEND BARRE: a new and exciting Barre method! Developed from a dance / Pilates background, the Xtend Barre workout combines the amazing results of dance with the principles of strength and safety in Pilates.
  • CY STRETCH: a class that will help you improve your flexibility whilst enjoying the mind body connection of some yoga type poses lengthening muscle stretches and relaxing flowing movement.
  • CY BOXFIT: a fun class that’s low impact but high intensity to improve your cardio, co-ordination and reflex skills!
  • MAT: This class is Pilates Mat class working on the floor combining traditional Pilates exercises to strengthen the core and work on posture, flexibility and flow. We use accessories: Chi Balls, Rollers, Magic Circles, Light Dumbbells, fitballs & Elastics. Maximum of 8 people in this class: Bookings are essential
  • EXPRESS MAT: As above but 30 minutes to fit into your Lunchtime Schedule!
  • FUSION: This class combines 30mins of Pilates Mat work and 30min of Pilates Reformer work so you get the chance to obtain a maximum workout using the floor and the machines.    Maximum of 4 people in this class: Bookings are essential.
  • YOGA: This class focuses on the Hatha Style of Yoga with special attention given to flow and Flexibility.     Maximum 8 people in class: Bookings are essential. HOW TO BOOK YOUR CLASS
Click here or on the “Book Online” tab above and this will take you to our booking page where you click on: “sign up now” enter your personal details and then choose your free class and/or series package then proceed to checkout with your place secured in the class of your choice!

Comfortable gym wear and for Xtend Barre we have special socks with the rubber soles , you can purchase these. Bring water but we also have that available for purchase.


  • The Banana Room, 125 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide.
  • Free 3 hour parking off of Melbourne and Dunn Street
  • Large studio with air conditioning, soft lighting and great space to feel like you have plenty of room in a class of 10 but special attention!

We give you a chance to try each type of class for free for your first time to see what works for you! If you take advantage of this offer its 4 free classes: Xtend barre, Xtend Xpress, CY Stretch and CY Boxfit!

We require 24 hours notice when you cancel a class. If not you will be charged for the class you were to attend and this will be deducted from your package.


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